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***PRICELIST CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW - please confirm prices & availability on enquiry***


  Anthurium bakeri   4"-$6
Anthurium bogotense Saggitate leaves with flared basal lobes, upright stance.  6”-$20
Anthurium dussi Huge growing rippled leaves with undulate margins.  6"-$15
Anthurium pendulifolium Long strap leaves. 6”-$20
Anthurium ‘purple velvet x marmoratum' Combination of 2 great velvet leaved species. 4”-$20
Anthurium subsignatum Costa Rica 4"-$25
Anthurium veitchii

Pendulous, oblong  strap leaves up to 1m long. The closely spaced veins create a puckered effect. This is the King of anthuriums, a must have. 


Anthurium warocqueanum Wild collected Columbian clone x cultivated clone.  4”-$25




Anthurium dolichostachyum Long velvet leaves with distinctive paler venation, ”long velvet”. 


Anthurium furcatum New Equadorean release. Stunning trilobe leaf. 6”-$25
Anthurium longiacuminata. This uniformly marked elliptical leaf is easily recognised. 4”-$20
Anthurium pallidiflorum Strap shaped velvety leaves with prominent white raised midrib 4”-$20
Anthurium sp Broadly lanceolate, pendulous strap leaf to 60cm. Prominently raised mid vein. White berries. 6”-$30
  Anthurium sp Pedate leaved species with leaflet structure resembling a schefflera. Needs a totem or tree to grow upon. 4"-$15
Anthurium sp Cordate, dark green shiny leaves, white/green flower. Large growing erect plant. Pink berries. 6”- 208"-$35
Anthurium sp Large green, round, velvet leafed, beautiful anthurium. Pink berries.



Anthurium sp Prominent lime green midrib, marked venation, large leaves. 6”-$20
Anthurium spp.  Indented regular venation make this new addition popular with those that see it.  6”-$20
Anthurium sp aff. ovatifolium Very large leaves when mature. A handsome plant 4"-$20



  Alocasia amazonica  
  Alocasia chantrierana  
Alocasia "corozon"   4"-$12
Alocasia clypeoleata ”green cuprea”  


Alocasia heterophylla   3"-$12
Alocasia inornata. Malaysia and Sumatra
  Alocasia lauterbachiana   4"-$20
  Alocasia longliloba (Borneo)   4”-$8
  Alocasia maximiliana  
Alocasia portei  
Alocasia scabriuscula  



Alocasia "spotted papua"

Alocasia sp. Thai (Thailand)
Alocasia watsoniana   3"-$8
  Alocasia wentii  



 and related Bulbous Aroids


 size reflects pot size not bulb size

    Other Amorphophallus may be available, please enquire
  Amorphophallus albispathus Thailand Pleasent aniseed scented flowers $20
  Amorphophallus exentricus Thailand Few only $25
Amorphophallus henryii Blue seeded small growing species from Taiwan 3”-$20
  Amorphophallus haematospadix Ltd $25
Amorphophallus paeonifolius

Pan-tropical from Madagascar to Northern Australia. Huge, fat, short peduncled maroon flowers followed by solitary leaf.

  Amorphophallus palawanensis Phillipines Small growing species $20
Amorphophallus prainii (Malaysia)

Large creamy coloured flowers on short peduncle giving the  appearance of being at ground level. Flowers before foliage. Solitary leaf on petiole up to 3m. 

  Amorphophallus symonianus Thai species named after avid phallus collector. Ltd 3”-$15
Amorphophallus variabilis Easy to grow species. 3”-$15
  Amorphophallus variabilis Green stemmed clone. Easy to grow and flower. 3”-$15
Dracontium amazonense   S/S-$20
  Pseudodracontium lacourii   3"-$20



Agave attenuata Soft spineless grey foliage makes this a desirable plant for public places. Please
Agave desmettiana   Please
Agave gypsophylla Twisted grey foliage make this a feature plant, 5m inflorescence, orange flowers. 4"-$14
Aglaonema philippinense var stenophyllum f. longifolium Unusual for its very narrow patterned leaves $6
  Anchomanes difformis Armed aroid with similar leaf to amorphophallus 3”- $8
Asplundia sp Dark green pleated leaf, bifid, striking white flowers with 10cm tendrils. 6”-$15
  Begonia goegoensis From Goego in Sumatra. Originally collected for the Veiteh nurseries in the 1800s. Beautiful plant. Few. $12
  Begonia masoniana Iron cress begonia. SE China and Northern Vietnam. Grows on limestone rocks $10
Begonia sizemorea Recently discovered beautiful foliage plant from Vietnam 4”-$12
  Begonia x Black leaves with red stems. Large growing and takes lot of light hence good in landsape. 6"$8
Caladium lindenii Previously Xanthosoma. Handsome plants with green and white bands. 8”-$25
Calathea lutea Large growing, full sun calathea with white waxy undersides to leaves.  $20
Calathea warscewiczii Velvet leaves with dark markings. Soft white flowers. 5"-$8
Carludovica lancifolia Clumping, erect shiny veined lanceolate leaves to 1.5metres. Partial shade. 6”-$15
Cochliostema odoratissimum One of the sought after blue flowered plants. Scented. 4”-$25
Cochliostema odoratissimum 'Purple Foliage' Intense blue flowers, striking foliage Scented 4”-$25
Cynastrum cordifolium Unusual bulb from Africa. Blue flowers, lovely leaves. 4”-$10
Cyrtosperma cuspidispathum Large growing aroid with black flowers.



  Cyrtosperma johnstonii One of the classic old aroids, reddish venation. 6”-$20
Cyrtosperma [beccarii x cuspidispathum] Small growing hamballii style flower, large posterior lobes. Erect flower. 6”-$20
Cyclanthus bipartitus Seedlings ready September. Large clumping feature plant. s/s $20
Curculigo sp. (Philippines).

Tropical herb belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family. Erect lanceolate leaves with purple underside, clusters of yellow basal flowers. Very attractive plant.

Euphorbia viguieri var. ankarafantsiensis Two rows of bright red flowers, large, red tinged leaves that defoliate. $12
Hippeastrum reticulatum striatofolium White striped leaves with rose pink flowers. Brazil.  $15
  Hoya pentaphlebia Established plants. Great foliage plant with heavily veined large leaves. $15
Impatiens mirabilis Caudiform trunks can reach 120 cm. New release. Grows on limestone rocks Southern Thailand $30
  Lasia spinosa Swamp loving aroid. 3"-$8
Medinella miniata Large pendant bunches of magenta red flowers 6"-$25
Medinella scortechinii Ltd. Orange flowers on orange anthers Enquire
Medinella succulenta Miniture but with persistent orange berries. 4"-$15
Pandanus pygmaeus Ideal border plant, dwarf, variegated leaf.  S/S-$6
  Pandanus spp. ”Giant PNG” Striking feature plant, dimensions have to be seen to be believed.


Pandanus ulitus  


Phaedranassa sp Spring flower bulb. Easy to grow. South America. 3"-$10
Philodendron bipinnatifidium Interesting form with frilly terminal leaflets. Ltd few 8”-$25
Philodendron gigas Panama. This species has the biggest leaf of the black velvet philodendrons. 8”-$20
Philodendron gloriosum Soft grey foliage, rhozomatous plant. $15/rhizome
Philodendron lynette Attractive small birdnest phil 6"-$15
Philodendron tenue Quilted leaves, short internodes. Suitable for shaded areas. Previously P.equadorense. 8”-$20
Philodendron williamsii Classic collector's plant. Self heading with deeply hastate leaves to 1m long. Tolerates full sun. Excellent landscape.


Sansaverias grandis Very broad leafed to 150mm. Known as somali hemp in its home range.                             

6”- 8”

$15 - $25

Sansaverias kirkii Unusual brown mottled leaves

4" - $15

Schismataglottis neoguinensis ‘Green Spotted' Good ground cover, white splashed ovate leaves.  6”-$8
  Schismataglottis sp Maroon petiole, silver leaf. 6”-$8
Schismataglottis sp (Borneo) Purple petiole. 6”-$8
Schismataglottis sp ‘Silver Blur' PNG 6”-$8
  Schismataglottis sp ‘Silver Splash' PNG 6”-$8
Schismataglottis sp 'Silver Sword'   S/S-$8
Schismataglottis trivitata Develops into a handsome clump standing 900mm, feature plant.


  Scindapsis beccarii Erect large stiff leaves. Borneo rare. $20
  Tacca palmata. Borneo  
  Tacca sp. Borneo New. Green flowers. Dormant in winter 4"-$15
Urospatha sagittifolia Tropical aroid from Central America. Large sagittate leaves, maroon and cream spathes.





  Ophiopogon japonicus Mini mondo 3”-$4
  Ophiopogon variegated Variegated mondo adds colour to borders S/S-$4
Pandanus pygmaeus-variegated dwarf Yellow variegation make this a useful landscaping plant. S/S-$6


  Adansonia za Majestic. S/S $20
Afzelia quanzensis Green flowers with red petals make this an unusual flower. Sweetly wcented in erect clusters. Medium sized attractive tree with patterned shade. 8"-$20
Araucaria columnaris Rarely available New Caledonian Pine seen on Ilse of Pines                                                                 


  Bauhinia accuminata White Flowers $35
Brownea macrophylla. Panama. Upright orange-red flowers,flushes of pink new growth
Browniopsis sp Ltd. Arresting feature tree. The flushes are magnificent. 8"-$75
Cynometra ramiflora Native from Cape York. Beautiful pink flushes. s/s $6
Dillenia phillipensis Large white flower with rich red centre s/s + 6"-$10
Dolichandrone spathacea Large white trumpet flowers to 20cm. Salt tolerant.
  Erythrina caffra Bright orange flowers $10
Fernandoa magnifica Orange flowered african beauty suited to dry conditions
Ficus dammaropsis PNG Tree for the lovers of large leaved plants. New Guinea species with corrugated leaves. Cold tolerant. Larger plants - enquire.  
  Gardenia volkensii
var volkensii
Creamy flowers, scented. Can tolerate dry conditions. South Africa. 3”-$6
Gustavia angustifolia Soft pink magnolia type 15cm flowers. Features in Margaret Mee's book of her Amazonian journeys. Bronze new growth 3”-$6
Gustavia superba Pure white flowers. New 6”-$30
  Instia bijuga White flowers, green sepals and crimson stamens. "Kwila" widely used long lasting timber tree S/S-$10
  Lonchocarpus violaceus Violet flowers born on opposite side of the branches.
Maniltoa lenticelleta Native maniltoa. White flowers and wonderful flushes of pale pink new growth.

s/s + 6”-$8

Maniltoa macrophylla PNG. White flushes and white flowers 4x the size of lenticella. Some dispute on the name of this species.


Rothmannia globosa Narrow white bell shaped flowers. Scented. Dark green leaves. Sheltered and moist. 3"-$10
  Rothmannia maganje Large growing species with white flowers with pink throat. 6"-$20
Schefflera sp. Borneo. Small plant  to 1m.Central yellow berries, cream flowers.
Saraca hulletti Pale orange flowers. Borneo S/S-$10
Saraca palembanica Small growing tree from Sumatra with red & orange flowers and purple pods
Tabebuia chrysosticha Brazil. Small open tree with bright yellow flowers
6"- $10
Tabernaemontana pachysiphon Small tree/large shrub,white flowers,exquisite perfume,dark green foliage. 6”-$15



Etlingera trenengauensis Striking red tulip flowers 6"-$30
Etlingera sp Helani tulip type pink flower, good clean cut flower. Rhizomes $15

Etlingera sp. ‘Pink Torch'

Clear pink form, very large growing. rhizome-$15

Etlingera sp. ‘White Torch'

Striking. rhizome-$20
Etlingera venusta Candy pink flowers and persistant red seed head. Rhizome pots$20
Heliconia aemygdiana Burle Marx aemygdiana.Hot pink,yellow and green flwrs!! 8”-$25
  Heliconia champneiana cv Splash Yellowish with spots of scarlet. $15
  Heliconia curtispatha   $35
  Heliconia imbricata New. Also other varieties available. Please enquire $25
Heliconia pogonantha   $25
Heliconia 'Hot Rio Nights'  


    Other Heliconias available from time to time. Please Enquire
Zingiber gramineum Unusual yellow furry flowers on tall stems. $25
Zingiber spectabile Giant Form! Apricot, early flowering. 6”-$25
Zingiber venosum Striking, attracts attention for its deep purplish black flowers and purple back to leaves. 6”-$20


Areca camariensis

.Easy to grow Phillipine species with attractively ringed trunk.

s/s 3”-$6
Areca sp. Halmahera

A small growing areca with a yellow crownshaft. Stilt roots. Nicely suited for small courtyards. Does well in shade/semishade.

Areca vestiaria Celebes Orange crownshafts and broad dark green leaves. Larger specimen at nursery


S/S -$5

Arenga hookeriana Southern Thailand to Malaysia. Large leaflets with scalloped edges on thin canes. Great in landscape or tubs.


Arenga microcarpa Large clumpingspecies. Ideal specimen plant. 8”-$25
Bactris militaris Very Ltd. Please enquire


Brassiophoenix schumanni  


  Burretiobentia hapala  

s/s $20

Calyptrocalyx benga dawn noda noda A form of pachystachys 2" -$10
  Calyptrocalyx micholitzia var wilsoni Red new leaf. Leaves appear mottled. 3" -$20

Calyptogyne ghiesbreghtiana Costa Rica. 

Understory palm with simple leaves arching up to 1.2metres.Elegant. Collected in habitat from complete leaved specimens.Striking. Well established plants.


Caryota zebrina Striped petioles give this palm its species name
Chamberonia macrocarpa  


  Chamaedorea elegans  


  Chamaedorea tenella Pencil thin canes and tiny glossy leaves


Copernicia fallense Leaves shimmer in the wind.

s/s $20

  Copernicia hospita Cuba. Grey fan palm of great beauty

s/s $30

Dypsis acuminum Madagasgar Beautiful dark ringed trunk with powdery silver crown shaft S/S-$8
  Dypsis albofarinosa. Madagascar. Trunks slim to 6cm,powdery white crownshaft.

Dypsis amboza - was previously listed as sanctemarie Madagascar

Upright complete bifid leaves, 3-5cm trunk to 3m. Striking - see image
3 "-$3
  Dypsis decipiens Please Enquire


Dypsis robusta Know for years as Marias stumpy. Large but short dypsis with red scurf on the crown shaft.
Geonoma sp broad leaf. Ecuador Broad bifid complete leaf. Newleaf bronze. Strong grower. 3”-$6
  Heterospathe scitula. Phillipines Stiff,erect 2cm trunks to 2m,clustering.Bronze new leaf.
Hydriastele microcarpum   s/s$6
Hydriastele olivioformis Angular leaflets, 2metre palm 3”-$4
Hydriastele pingangoides   Enquire
  Iguanura bicornis   2"-$15
Iguanura sp.highly pinnate. Malaysia Attractive easy to grow species. S/S-$8

Iguanura spectabilis Malaysia

Spectacular understory palm with large complete leaves,strong


  Kentiopsis ovilioformis
New Caledonia
Kerriodoxa elegans.Thailand. Elegance,black shiny petioles with no spines, white under lvs
8" -$35
  Licuala aurantiaca. Thailand Clustering sp to 2m.20 segments per leaf.Suitable for hedging
Licuala elegans. Thailand. Entire leaf. Cold tolerent. Full sun. well established S/L
Licuala lauterbachii var bougainvillensis Leaves to 1m, 7segments with large central segment. S/S-$8
  Licuala lauterbachii.PNG Large wheel to 1m of evenly spaced and sized leaflets.
  Licuala malanga var humilis Good solid bases 2"-$6
Licuala mapu One of the most sought after patterned leaved palms. Requires warmth, moisture and shade. 3”-$55
Licuala orbicularis One of the most elegant understory palms.


Licuala sp. Broadly spaced leaflets. Malaysian species. 3”-$8
s/s $10
Licuala sp LW No.9 Broadly spaced leaflets. Acavlesent. Grows to 1 metre. 3”-$6
Licuala triphylla One of the smallest and daintiest 2"-$10
Licuala “Yal bral”. PNG Acaulescent.6-7widely spaced narrow leaflets.
Pelagodoxa henryana Germinated seed $10


Pinanga sarawakensis Lovely mottled leaf palm origin unknown. May even be a Thai species
Pinanga sp. Purple crown shaft. Medium size clumping palm that looks like bamboo. Great landscaping plant. 2"-$6
Pinanga sp. Phillipines  
Ptychosperma hentyii Graceful arching angular leaflets. 3"-$5
  Reinhardtia simplex Dainty understorey palm. 3”-$4
  Sabal yapa. Cuba to Mexico Drought tolerant.Powdery blue under leaf.Established plants.
  Socratea exorrhiza South American stiltroot palm S/S-$4
  Thrinax radiata Stronly grown in 6" 6"-$10


  Ceratozamia hildae Frost and sun tolerant. Unusually clustered leaflets. 3"-$10
Cycas bifidis Leaves to 3m with bifid leaflets. $20
  Dioone mejiae More upright fronds than spinulosum and more sun tolerant. Enquire
  Dioone spinulosum Large landscape specimens available - please enquire. 8"-$35+
Zamia picta Yellow streaks and spots are unique for this species of zamia
Zamia skinneri. Panama The greenleafed skinneri,dark green innervated leaflets. This is the true skinneri. The red leaved emergent is Zamia imperialis.
Zamia standleyii Leaves to 1m that are bronze when they first emerge 3”-$6
Zamia neurophyllidia Costa Rican species with glossy plicate leaves. 3”-$15


Aechmea blanchettiana Orange form. Full sun offsets $20
Larger Available
Aechmea brevicollis   $20
Aechmea haltonii    $20
Aechmea mariae-reginae Large landscaping plants only. Enquire
  Aechmea melva    $30
Aechmea orlandiana Prominent leaf pattern with black zigzag bands and spots. 5”-$15
  Aechmea spectabilis  The name describes this aptly. $20
Alcantarea imperialis Full sun, large growing spectacular feature plant. Large green form. Renowned by southern collectors as brasiliense!
Only large plants available.
Alcantarea imperialis rubra. Spectacular. Feature plant, full sun or shade.
Alcantarea nahoumii Very impressive yellow and red infloresence to 1.5m.Full sun
  Androlepsis skinneri Large feature plant. 6"-$25
Hohenbergia stellata Vivid red long lasting inflorescence. From $15
Hohenbergia stellata Pink A nicely coloured pink in contrast to the red forms boldness. 6”-$15
Pitcairnia funkiae Costa Rica. Dark-wine red flower like tapeinochilos infloresence. $20
  Pitcairnia undulata Broad leaved sp,large growing with strong red flowers
Quesnelia arvensis Scarlet red rosette flower. $8
Werauhia sanguinolenta var. rubra Bronze leaves, large plant . Striking landscape feature. From $15
Werauhia kupperiana Please enquire  
Vriesea regina Holds many leaves, white underside and scented flowers, full sun or shade. 8”-$30
  Vriesea tuerckhamii Large grey plant, rare in collections. Full sun. 5”-$25