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***PRICELIST CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW - please confirm prices & availability on enquiry***



  Ophiopogon japonicus Mini mondo 3”-$4
  Ophiopogon variegated Variegated mondo adds colour to borders S/S-$4
Pandanus pygmaeus-variegated dwarf Yellow variegation make this a useful landscaping plant. S/S-$6


  Adansonia za Majestic. S/S $20
Afzelia quanzensis Green flowers with red petals make this an unusual flower. Sweetly wcented in erect clusters. Medium sized attractive tree with patterned shade. 8"-$20
Araucaria columnaris Rarely available New Caledonian Pine seen on Ilse of Pines                                                                 


  Bauhinia accuminata White Flowers $35
Brownea macrophylla. Panama. Upright orange-red flowers,flushes of pink new growth
Browniopsis sp Ltd. Arresting feature tree. The flushes are magnificent. 8"-$75
Cynometra ramiflora Native from Cape York. Beautiful pink flushes. s/s $6
Dillenia phillipensis Large white flower with rich red centre s/s + 6"-$10
Dolichandrone spathacea Large white trumpet flowers to 20cm. Salt tolerant.
  Erythrina caffra Bright orange flowers $10
Fernandoa magnifica Orange flowered african beauty suited to dry conditions
Ficus dammaropsis PNG Tree for the lovers of large leaved plants. New Guinea species with corrugated leaves. Cold tolerant. Larger plants - enquire.  
  Gardenia volkensii
var volkensii
Creamy flowers, scented. Can tolerate dry conditions. South Africa. 3”-$6
Gustavia angustifolia Soft pink magnolia type 15cm flowers. Features in Margaret Mee's book of her Amazonian journeys. Bronze new growth 3”-$6
Gustavia superba Pure white flowers. New 6”-$30
  Instia bijuga White flowers, green sepals and crimson stamens. "Kwila" widely used long lasting timber tree S/S-$10
  Lonchocarpus violaceus Violet flowers born on opposite side of the branches.
Maniltoa lenticelleta Native maniltoa. White flowers and wonderful flushes of pale pink new growth.

s/s + 6”-$8

Maniltoa macrophylla PNG. White flushes and white flowers 4x the size of lenticella. Some dispute on the name of this species.


Rothmannia globosa Narrow white bell shaped flowers. Scented. Dark green leaves. Sheltered and moist. 3"-$10
  Rothmannia maganje Large growing species with white flowers with pink throat. 6"-$20
Schefflera sp. Borneo. Small plant  to 1m.Central yellow berries, cream flowers.
Saraca hulletti Pale orange flowers. Borneo S/S-$10
Saraca palembanica Small growing tree from Sumatra with red & orange flowers and purple pods
Tabebuia chrysosticha Brazil. Small open tree with bright yellow flowers
6"- $10
Tabernaemontana pachysiphon Small tree/large shrub,white flowers,exquisite perfume,dark green foliage. 6”-$15