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***PRICELIST CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW - please confirm prices & availability on enquiry***



  Ceratozamia hildae Frost and sun tolerant. Unusually clustered leaflets. 3"-$10
Cycas bifidis Leaves to 3m with bifid leaflets. $20
  Dioone mejiae More upright fronds than spinulosum and more sun tolerant. Enquire
  Dioone spinulosum Large landscape specimens available - please enquire. 8"-$35+
Zamia picta Yellow streaks and spots are unique for this species of zamia
Zamia skinneri. Panama The greenleafed skinneri,dark green innervated leaflets. This is the true skinneri. The red leaved emergent is Zamia imperialis.
Zamia standleyii Leaves to 1m that are bronze when they first emerge 3”-$6
Zamia neurophyllidia Costa Rican species with glossy plicate leaves. 3”-$15


Aechmea blanchettiana Orange form. Full sun offsets $20
Larger Available
Aechmea brevicollis   $20
Aechmea haltonii    $20
Aechmea mariae-reginae Large landscaping plants only. Enquire
  Aechmea melva    $30
Aechmea orlandiana Prominent leaf pattern with black zigzag bands and spots. 5”-$15
  Aechmea spectabilis  The name describes this aptly. $20
Alcantarea imperialis Full sun, large growing spectacular feature plant. Large green form. Renowned by southern collectors as brasiliense!
Only large plants available.
Alcantarea imperialis rubra. Spectacular. Feature plant, full sun or shade.
Alcantarea nahoumii Very impressive yellow and red infloresence to 1.5m.Full sun
  Androlepsis skinneri Large feature plant. 6"-$25
Hohenbergia stellata Vivid red long lasting inflorescence. From $15
Hohenbergia stellata Pink A nicely coloured pink in contrast to the red forms boldness. 6”-$15
Pitcairnia funkiae Costa Rica. Dark-wine red flower like tapeinochilos infloresence. $20
  Pitcairnia undulata Broad leaved sp,large growing with strong red flowers
Quesnelia arvensis Scarlet red rosette flower. $8
Werauhia sanguinolenta var. rubra Bronze leaves, large plant . Striking landscape feature. From $15
Werauhia kupperiana Please enquire  
Vriesea regina Holds many leaves, white underside and scented flowers, full sun or shade. 8”-$30
  Vriesea tuerckhamii Large grey plant, rare in collections. Full sun. 5”-$25